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Xiaomi Unveils Its Mi Drone and It Isn't Just for Rich Kids

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has officially unveiled its first drone, the Mi, and it costs less than most expected. The entry-level 1080p-camera drone has been priced at just $380 USD, while the 4K version is priced at a reasonable $450 USD. According to TechCrunch, the cheaper model will reportedly be crowdfunded inside of the Chinese company’s Mi Home app from May 26 onward, while the 4K model will be available through an open beta program at the end of July.

As for technical specs, the Mi Drone’s 5,100 mAh battery will last for about 27 minutes of flight time, though the drone appears to be modular, so improvements and replacements are left up to the user’s discretion. The Mi can also create a virtual fence, so that if the drone strays outside its 3km range, it will return to fly back to the ground position it took off from originally.

Hopefully the Mi will help further democratize the recreational drone market.