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Skyworks: October 2015 Creating A Connectivity To The Cloud Powerhouse David J. Aldrich Chairman And Ceo

The following excerpt is from the company's SEC filing.

Connecting Everyone and Everything, All the Time Connecting Everything

Our Strategy Capitalize on Powerful Market Forces in Mobile and IoT DiversificationExpanding our Opportunities Provide Increased ValueSystems Leadership Operational ExcellenceSuperior Financial Returns Above Market Growth with Diversified Analog Financial Returns

Leadership in Integration System Engineering Standards Boards and Regulatory Bodies Influencing Technical Requirements Customization Core Technologies SOI CMOS SiGe GaAs TC-SAW Amplifiers Filters Switches Integration Leadership SkyOne 4G Module Flip Chi p Die Stacking Shielding WLCSP Global Scale Advanced MCM Proprietary Processes ~10M Units/Day

Overview Mobile Drivers Broad Market and IoT Drivers Financial Returns Macro Environment

Market Background Consumers, Content Providers, Carriers Driving Data Explosion Connectivity Crucial to the User Experience Limited Spectrum to Support Exploding Data Demand Mobile Devices are the Gateway to an Ecosystem of Rich Media and E-Commerce OEMs Responding with Higher Performance Devices

Insatiable Demand for Higher Data Gaming 20 Hours/Month Streaming Music 10 Hours/Month Std. Def Video 10 Hours/Month High Def 10 Hours/Month 4K Video 10 Hours/Month 1.2 GB 1.7 GB 2.6 GB 10 GB 30 GB Source: U.S. Cellular, 4G Americas Adoption of Streaming Services Driving a Boom Data Consumption

Mobile Data Consumption Exploding Source: Cisco VNI Mobile, 2015

Connectivity an Enabler of an Ecosystem of Content and Services Content Advertising E-Commerce Follow the Money Trail Mobile Payments

Addressing the Data Challenge More Frequency Bands Number of Global Frequency Bands Continues to Rise Number of Bands per Device Increasing Unlicensed Bands Becoming Available More Data Through Existing Spectrum LTE-Advanced and Carrier Aggregation Diversity and MIMO Wi-Fi Offload Higher Power-Added Efficiency Increasing Power Levels While Maintaining Battery Life Tremendous Technical ChallengesCreating New Opportunities for Skyworks

Overview Macro Environment Broad Market and IoT Drivers Financial Returns Mobile Drivers

Complexity Driving Content World Smartphone Today ~3 Years $10-12 Addressable SkyOne Ultra (x5) Carrier Aggregation Diversity Module (x3) ET Converter GPS SW/LNA Multi-Stream 802.11ac WLAN LED Flash $>18 Addressable MIMO / Multi-Antenna SkyOne Ultra (x3) DC/DC Converter GPS SW/LNA 802.11ac WLAN Diversity Module LED Flash Bands: ~15 Filters: ~30 CA Combos: ~5 MIMO: 1 Bands: >30 Filters: >75 CA Combos: >200 MIMO: 8

Long Term Growth in Mobile SAM Discrete PA Integrated Mobile Systems ~15% CAGR Biggest Growth in Integrated Systems and Mobile Analog Products Addressable Market ($M)

Overview Macro Environment Mobile Drivers Financial Returns Broad Market and IoT Drivers

Broad Market Drivers II. Bandwidth Needs Growing Dramatically Networking, Media, Storage, Cloud I. Internet of Things Driving Connectivity into New Device Categories III. Increasing Vertical Market Penetration Automotive, Medical, Industrial

Connectivity Spreading Across Diversified Markets (2014-2019) 35% CAGR Internet of Things Automotive Wearables Media Gateway Tablets Smartphones PC Source: Ericsson, Skyworks estimates 0 7 14 21 28 35 2019E 2018E 2017E 2016E 2015E 2014 Units (B)

Source: BI Intelligence Estimates 67% Compounded Growth Skyworks Traction Alarm Systems Smoke Detectors Thermostats Wireless Lighting Units (M) Streaming...