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​Action List for Wednesday, March 29

  • 1.Dryships (DRYS) showed some life in the markets after the sector got an upgrade. Do not be fooled. Sell and get what you can.
  • 2.Bearishness is so high – even on Value Stocks here – for SnapChat (SNAP) that the inverse move is to BUY the stock. Trade it to $30/share. Just avoid getting stuck and bag holding SNAP. By end of day, SNAP gave up 7%.

This is jojo:

  • 3.Catalyst BioScience is a CLEAR pump and dump. Nano cap stock. Beware. CBIO soared by 191% today (March 29)
  • 4.Horizons Biopharma (HZNP) is still sinking. Per the headline, ‘Horizon Pharma plc to Present Data on RAVICTI® (glycerol phenylbutyrate) Oral Liquid for Urea Cycle Disorder Patients Aged Two Months to Two Years.’ In Q4, HZNP lost $0.81 per share. For the FY, it will generate up to $1.29 billion in revenue.
  • 5.Reminder: BBRY reports this Friday. My tests of BES UEM is positive. The software is greatly improved.
  • 6.If ultra deep-water drillers rebound, Transocean will lead the way. The same is not true for SDRL or ORIG. Ocean Rig filed for bankruptcy today.
  • 7.Daily reminder: Avoid JNUG.
  • 8.Facebook is launching stories to compete with SNAP. Problem for FB is that ‘stories’ is PG. SNAP posts are XXX. Instagram posts are PG.
  • 9.Finally. Rocket Fuel (FUEL) is flying to the moon.