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Ways To Make Extra Money In College

       The cost of college can be really expensive, from the cost of textbooks to the cost of tuition. However, no college student wants to be known as "the broke college student". Here are a few ways to earn extra money while in college.

1. Get a job near your school. There are a lot of restaurants and places on and off campus that are happy to hire students. 

2. Be a tutor. If there is a subject you excel at like math or biology, you can help your fellow students by tutoring them in those subjects.

3. Donate plasma. If you are not afraid of getting your blood drawn, you can donate your blood plasma once a month and make $35 to $45  in the process.

4. Get a paid internship or work-study program. By doing these you can earn money and college credit at the same time. 

5. Recycle bottles and cans. It may seem like you can't earn a lot of money recycling bottles and cans you’ll also be cleaning up your campus and helping the environment.

6. Sell things on Ebay and Craigslist. You don't simply have to sell things that you already own, you can visit yard sales and flea markets to find valuable items there.

7. Take part in research studies in your school's psychology department. If you are willing to get your brain picked you can earn a lot of extra money per month.

8. Assist your professor. Many colleges hire students to assist professors in grading papers and conducting research. 

9. Become a model. Campus art departments need models for classes and you don't have to be nude to model for the art.