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Geospace: Despite Fall, Share Price Still Reflects A Bit Of Optimism, Which May Not Be Warranted

Having recently sold out of my position in Geospace Technologies (GEOS) at a loss (around the $31 mark), I continue to look in on the company from time to time, to both get a sense of how the oil sector is doing and to reiterate to myself that I still really have a lot to learn about investing. I'd like to come up with an update to my FVE but I'm not sure that's even feasible at the moment; on the conference call, management continues to note that there's almost literally zero revenue visibility and even most of the SGS revenues outside of the deposit will be lost to the ether. With it being basically impossible (for us mere mortals, at least) to determine if and when oil is going to rebound to drive additional E&P capex (and with those, seismic sales) I don't know if any estimate would be… Read More …