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Tech Talk for Friday October 23rd 2015


Interesting Charts

Consumer Staples SPDRs were the first ETF in a primary sector to move to an all-time high. Seasonal influences remain positive until November 23rd

STAPLES Relative to the S&P 500

The U.S. Dollar Index was surprisingly strong yesterday.


StockTwits Released Yesterday @equityclock

Technical action by S&P 500 stocks to 10:30 AM: Bullish. 16 stocks broke resistance (including 8 financials) and 4 broke support.

Editor’s Note: Bullish investment sentiment continued to build after 10:30 AM. Another 21 stocks broke resistance and another 5 health care stocks broke support.

George Weston broke above resistance at $113.80 to reach an all-time high. $WN.CA

‘Tis the season for strength in George Weston until the end of the year!

CGI Group completed a base building pattern by moving above US $37.69. $GIB

‘Tis the season for strength in CGI Group until mid-February.


Trader’s Corner

Daily Seasonal/Technical Equity Trends for October 22nd 2015

Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

Daily Seasonal/Technical Commodities Trends for October 22nd 2015

Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

Daily Seasonal/Technical Sector Trends for October 22nd 2015

Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

Adrienne Toghraie’s “Trader’s Coach” Column

Periodical Renovation

By Adrienne Toghraie, Trader’s Success Coach

I have talked many times about the necessity of a periodical review of your strategy every three to four months. But it is necessary to go one step further in order that your life will not overtake your ability to trade. This is what I call periodical renovation of your life and of your trading, it can be necessary for your survival as a trader. You do not want areas in your life to become so far in disrepair that you cannot recover from them. Such as:

· Your health

· Your relationships

· Your home

· Your living space

· Your trading

Your health

When was the last time you had a physical examination, eye examination, gone to the dentist or any other health professional necessary to maintain the body that supports you? There are too many traders that think and hope a potentially serious issue will disappear. And very often they worry about something that is easily fixable if they take care of it right away.

There was one trader I worked with whose gums had deteriorated to such an extent that he not only lost all of his teeth, it affected his whole body. He waited because he was afraid of losing his teeth and the pain he would have to go through. This issue affected his ability to trade for several months.

Your relationships

It is easy over time to take your relationships for granted and lose touch with the original connection you once had.

· Ask yourself what you can do to be the person you once were in the relationships.

· Have a talk with the significant people in your life to hear what they have to say about their needs and wants.

· Let them know that you would like to have a more rewarding relationship with them.

· Plan a bucket list of the special times you want to share with each person in your life.

Many traders have come to me over the years and have said, “But I gave them everything,” and wondered why their family and friends left them.

Your home

Recently, I decided that I wanted to take care of all of my home repairs. I hired an inspector and he came up with a laundry list of things that had to be repaired immediately and repairs that could save me lots of money if I took care of them sooner than later. When I hired a crew to go through the checklist, there were additional deeper problems that were not seen on the surface. If I did not take care of these issues, the price of repairs in the future would have gone from a few thousand to tens of thousands.

For a trader who works at home, the monetary expense of the repairs could be the least of the expense. I knew a trader who had to rent an office away from home for six months in order to do the repairs necessary on his home. The effect on his family and his dislocation became an issue for this trader to have a profitable return on his trading.

Your living space

It is easy to let files accumulate to the point where you do not know where things are and what you have. Clutter can take over your life and your ability to focus on your trading. Each year go through all of your papers and decide what is necessary and what does not give you any benefit to hold on to. Perhaps, you are not as bad as a hoarder, but remember the space gives opportunity a place to find itself in your life.

Your trading

Periodically you need to ask yourself what it would take for you to give yourself a raise in your profits. Ask yourself what you are holding back on doing to make yourself a better trader and to enjoy the process more. Once you have your strategy to the level that you are gaining the greatest rewards, then you need to look to yourself and see what must improve.


It is easy to ignore and procrastinate about renovations that need attention and action. Remember, that the price you pay in the future for not taking care of your repairs and maintenance issues can become increasingly more costly. Do not let life’s repairs be the cause of you not being able to function as a profitable trader.

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Tech Talk Presentations on Seasonal Investing

Thank you to Allen Hosey in Winnipeg for the opportunity to present to the Winnipeg chapter of the Canadian Society of Technical analysts last Saturday. Future presentations include:

· The Toronto World Money Show on Friday October 30th

· Toronto luncheon on November 1st

· Montreal luncheon on November 2nd

· Kitchener/Waterloo CSTA on November 4th

· Ottawa luncheon on November 10th

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