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Ford: I Told You So

Earlier this week I wrote a piece about how Ford's (F) outlook for 2015 was bright on the back of 24 new models, strong operating earnings guidance as it reported earnings last week and its very low valuation. I still believe in all of those catalysts for moving Ford shares higher in 2015 with the stock trading at less than $16 still but earlier this week, we received even more good news that should excite bulls; January sales were released and the results were spectacular. In this article I'll provide a quick update to my outlook for Ford in light of the terrific data we were provided.

Ford's January sales showed that the truck giant produced a +15.3% unit growth rate over the previous January versus a consensus of 12.8%. The 178K+ units Ford sold in January also saw strength across all of its categories with passenger cars up 17%,… Read More …