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Some nice wall chargers on the market

Load up phones, tablets, Bluetooth accessories, and external batteries can be a logistical nightmare. As someone who reviewed the phone (I had, no kidding, 9 Android devices on my desk last week at a given time), this is an issue that pushed me to the limit madness repeatedly. As such, I never travel far without a USB wall charger trust and a bunch of portable power. The thing is, though, until recently, I was not exactly over my affairs recharge, especially at home (aka work). My Workspace was in disarray - microUSB cables strewn on the underside of my desk in a tangle of watts, USB wall charger for toys long forgotten in each tray and constantly, at least one gadget I was dead too lazy or distracted to hang up. Poll familiar?

Well, the good news: here is a list of some of our favorite refill tools, many which should help ease the pain and chaos to keep 3 telephones, 2 shelves and a gaggle of other goodies microUSB Juiced (no particular order).

power filling station wall BESTEK

Yes, the company name on the Amazon product page is both misspelled word and loaded to the point of stupidity, but hearing the charging station BESTEK wall ... thing out! Your outlet are a bit sucky. You know, I know, that the power strip that you bought at Staples 12 years ago that was not initially off-white knows. Now, you might seriously tackle this problem and replace your outlet with these guys, but we're not all DIY electricians. And for my part, perhaps also a little lazy.

So why set up a new point of sale where you can just type a dose of awesome on top of your existing? I do not know why either. The time spent getting behind a wall and play with the wiring is the time to do something that does not involve getting behind a wall and play with the wiring. So, to answer the BESTEK - $ 20 and you'll forget how you lived with two blades and a power strip maintained.

The BESTEK six 110v (US) sockets, four USB ports (two 2.1A, two 1A) * with peak current of 5.2A and a maximum AC draw 1875 watts. The six sockets are on the device side - so it can fit behind a desk more easily - and USB ports are on the top. There is even an old 30-pin iPod / iPhone connector on top if you're into that sort of thing. I will not tell anyone.

Oh, and it has a night light. Yeah, a night light - for staggering under a dark, dusty office fishing for an open outlet while holding the phone between your teeth with the LED flash is for people without lights at night. You will feel like a genius, Mr. I Got This - There is a clear night Guy.

But what about my gadgets? Am I just have to dangle remove this thing as the fruit of a tree smartphones $ 600? Boom: folding plastic tray on top. Problem solved. Well, it does not really much for tablets, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Disadvantages? Well, the BESTEK not only comes with a 1 year warranty, and entry is strictly in the range 110 -125V. The camera also takes up both your outlets - there is a plastic model of land on the bottom to keep it secure (there is also a set screw, if you want extra stability). Otherwise, however, the platform power is pretty cool dang.

Multi-charging station Joy Factory ZipMini Touch-n-go

Wireless charging for its freshness, there's really not a ubiquity / view cost-effective. Most Qi chargers only power a single unit, they are quite expensive, and you need gadgets that support wireless charging (or sordid affair) first. It could be years before charging by induction is really a standard feature on most smart battery devices.

Meet the palliative: the ZipMini Touch-n-go.

If you are like most rational human beings, the process of attaching your phone or tablet to a microUSB cable is not the one you enjoy in. You need to find the cable, to find a way to turn, make -you it's all the way in the phone, and another world first problem stuff. It's a drag. The ZipMini feels your pain.

Since, as you can see, the cable is really "plugs" from one end, you can significantly reduce your Ports - rage, leaving small microUSB cables from the ZipMini connected to your camera most of the time (for example, when you are at home / office), rather than tearing them every time you pick it up. And when the microUSB cable you use is only 3 cm long, all but OCD point of view it is not really getting in your way. At the end of each of these cables is a little thing -like circular stone with contacts on the bottom. The ZipMini platform (! Available in 4-port or 16-port () Configurations) is a flat plastic disc with shaped notches these small pebble things - like.

By force of magnets - Lovers of PIC is where it gets crazy - the small things rollers are driven into the indentations where the charging contacts address their routes and off and away you go - you load -you. And if you need to get away and use your phone for a few minutes, or just check quickly, there is no need to mess around with ports and connectors - it slides right off the platform shape.

It's not a huge deal for everyone, of course, and ZipMini does have some drawbacks. First, the pebbles are prone to getting dislodged, and there is no indication on the charger if a particular port is no longer able to provide (an idea for the next version, perhaps?). Second, holy crap these small ZipTail cables are expensive. The charger comes with two cables (one 30-pin Apple, a microUSB) and 3 "microUSB cables are $ 11 ($ 16 if you want a 6 - incher). Yeah.

But if you're willing to drop a few coins for the convenience of ZipMini offers undeniably, it may be worth it. Unfortunately, there is no information as to whether the preparation of tension ZipMini, so assume this is 110- 120v spec.

Joy Factory mini charging station ZipMini (4 ports): $ 36.99 on Amazon

Joy Factory ZipMini multi charging station (16 ports): $ 26.42 on Amazon (ordered at the time of writing, ships in "1-2 months" )

Anker 25W 5V / 5A 5 USB Wall Charger

Sometimes you just need a buttload USB ports. Really, who does not have one, do you? USB power is in high demand with all the gadgets we carry, and lugging around separate adapters if you want to load several objects at once is a big pain, unless you want to slow recharge via your laptop or something. And who wants to do that? Nobody, that's who.

Anker USB wall charger has 5 USB ports, and they are labeled on the back so you can know how hard everyone is capable of producing. You get two ports 2A, 1A two ports and a 1.3A (apparently it's the Galaxy Tab load spec?) Port. The maximum intensity of Anker can handle 5A is less than the combined capacity of all ports (7.5), but with output power of 25W max, several commentators suggest that it is perfectly capable of charging devices 5 once, but a smaller more slowly than it would be contrary to the upper ports amps.

This charger is 240v - 110 loan, so that you can take abroad with the only requirement being the appropriate outlet adapter. The downside for the trip, though, is that Anker has an external power cable with a 3 '. This is a pretty generic 650mA adapter into two parts, though, so you can probably find an auxiliary cable cheap keep with you for the journey. I personally like the cable because it means that I can stick this thing on my desk. It seems fairly robust, and at $ 20, it's pretty great value for money.

 EasyAcc 25W 5V / 5A 4-Port USB Wall Charger

Wait another USB wall charger multi-port? What's the problem here? The EasyAcc is like the Anker least one port (so no weird 1.3A), it has two ports 2A, 1A and 2 ports. They are also clearly marked on the front as such, contrary to Anker.

The EasyAcc, however, is probably asuperior solution for travel - it's completely wireless. Just plug it directly into the wall and begin charging. No worry about cables or adapters other nonsense, this is stupid easy and convenient. As Anker, the EasyAcc also international environmental and accepts 110- 240v. If you are in black, EasyAcc is also black, while Anker is completely white. So maybe that's a consideration.

The disadvantages are pretty cut and dry: you only get 4 ports, and because there is no AC adapter cable, USB cables must reach the wall where you want to recharge your stuff.

EasyAcc 25W 5V / 5A 4-Port USB Wall Charger: $ 20.99 at Amazon

Honourable mention: Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip

Travelling with a large, bulky power strip is a pain. This also means that every time you go, you have to dig some dirty cardboard box that has been sitting in the garage for 8 years with a group of dead spiders and dust everywhere. It's disgusting. Dead spiders and dust are not a portable power solution easy, convenient.

I know what you're thinking - "A Monster product I took a vow not support wrong with my money? ". But listen to me, because this is a lifesaver. The principle is simple: a truly portable compact power band. No protection against overvoltage, just a high quality output divider that fits easily into any bag. It is really small, too - version 4 release is 6.25 inches long, 2.25 inches wide and 1.8 inches thick. 2 points on the front, two in back. For maximum portability, the power cord loops around the entire tape and plugs into one of the outlets. You can not find something there with that number of reasonably spaced outlets in this small a package. Not unless it's one of those brown daisy-chain splitter / extension 1970, in this case, enjoy your fire extinction.

There are several versions of the outputs to do, but know this: despite all the labels and review it another way, they are compatible 110- 240v. Do not listen to those who say they are not. I have one, I used it in Germany and China with a simple wall adapter, and it worked perfectly. Even the own FAQ monster said they are working abroad.