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Market Correction: Grade Yourself On August’s Moment Of Truth

Market Correction: Grade Yourself On August's Moment Of Truth

Moments of truth occur when clients make judgments about their advisors. Exactly such a moment came in mid-August as clients read alarming headlines about “plunging markets” and “market routs.” Here’s how to assess how you handled that moment.

First and foremost, did clients hear from you? IF not, as they talked to friends and co-workers and heard that other advisors had sent emails and made phone calls to discuss what was going on. In some instances, they may have wondered why you were missing in action.

Even clients with whom you had rational conversations in your last review about the inevitability of a market correction felt apprehensive as they heard television newscasters talk about another brutal day in the markets or faced bold headlines about turmoil in global markets.

If you...