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Robert Shiller and Jeremy Siegel on each other's market forecasts

  • Here are a couple of fun facts for people who want to face reality:
    1. 4 month is a reasonable time to do a first year audit and in this case the new auditors are doing 2 years plus a couple of
    quarters in 2017. if they started the audit at end of May, end of september is reasonable. that would agree with the
    third of october as a deadline for the class lawsuit. it makes sense and realistic.
    2. Items that will be an issue are mostly reserves for legal issues:
    a. class action lawsuit probably will end up paying 1M-2M, which is enough to make the lawyers go away. these are
    never about nothing else but lawyers trying to make money.
    b. Mimdex lawsuit - Mimdex is trying to make some point. I do not think anything would come of...