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Update: Amber Road Announces New Customer Win Of Open Text Corporation

Amber Road's (AMBR) unexpected announcement that it has won the business of Open Text Corporation (OTEX), a $6.9 billion market cap Enterprise Information Management Software Company - the biggest software company in Canada, is a huge pressure reliever for AMBR longs. AMBR, as was discussed in previous articles, had a top ten client sever its relationship with the company after AMBR refused to make specifically tailored versions of its software for the customer. AMBR CEO James Preuninger was adamant that AMBR "wasn't in the business of creating tailored solutions it couldn't sell across its umbrella (SOURCE: AMBR Q3 CC)" and that its already open architecture would be enough to retain clients. Clearly OTEX agrees with the head man at AMBR:

"We needed an export compliance solution to increase product and service time-to-market, enhance export controls and reduce manual checks occurring outside our export compliance office," said Douglas A.