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Owning a website for business or for leisure has become a frenzy nowadays: it's a profitable marketing tool for those who seek to sell a product or skill and it's an enjoyable hobby for the ones who seek to share their opinions with the world and interact with others as well. But what exactly are you getting yourself into when you decide to go forward and own your own website/blog?

A) WEBSITES REQUIRE MAINTENANCE SERVICES: keep in mind that after you put together a cool website, a lot of issues can arise for a variety of reasons: malware creating all types of dysfunctions in your web,front-end and back-end issues that will require repairs. Now unless you're a web developer, a web designer, a front-end or back-end developer; you're in for a ride if you cannot afford to pay any of those specialists to fix any of those problems among many others.

To avoid this, either don't create a website or create one with a company that will let you do it for free ( being aware that doing this will come with pros and cons as well).

Wordpress.com allows you to create a website for free but under certain particular terms of course.

B) KNOWLEDGE ABOUT FINDING PLUGINS is essential: research online about plugins and download the ones you think will improve the structure and design of your website; you can find a lot of free downloadable plugins that can help you create columns in your text, add buttons to your homepage or automatically posts your blogs to social networks exactly on the days you want them to be posted. You can also find plugins that save your files in a protected folder so that if anything happens to your web, you can have a backup file of all your content info and more!

If you're going to have a website, make sure that you have an idea of things that could go wrong by doing research so that you can at least prepare yourself ahead of time when such problems arise and also become acquainted with the wide array of plugins that can make a huge difference in the productivity and visual enhancement of your website.