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Are you Ready for Self-Driving Cars?

Nissan Motor Co., one of major auto maker, expects to launch a fully autonomous-driving vehicles by 2020. Nissan is aiming to have a smart car that can drive itself and be able to detect a red light and slow down to stop. It also can sensor and avoid a collision and also have function that the car can turn to simulate exit a free way. Nissan will begin this project by 2014 and hope that it will help to reduce the accident from human error. Unlike a rotating device on the roof as Google's prototype self-driving, Nissan's sensor are built into the car. I mean this is a very big project that will happen in 8 - 10 years from now. However, I'm not sure that I can fully trust the technology on this day and the big obstacle for Nissan is the regulatory framework. We have to wait and see. Anything can happen in the future.