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BlackBerry's New CEO's Payment Package

BlackBerry Ltd.'s new executive chairman and interim CEO John Chen, will receive $3 million in salary and bonuses, with anther $85 million in restricted stock. If this sounds like a bit much for a failing company like BlackBerry to be paying out to an interim CEO that's cause it is. In reality Chen will receive a more humble $1 million base salary with the other $2 million being based on performance. He will also receive 13 million shares that will vest over five years. Chen is expected to turn BlackBerry around the same way he turned Sybase Inc. around. This won't be a easy feat since BlackBerry has steadily been losing market share to Samsung and Apple over the last five years. 
At this point do you guys think BlackBerry will be able to make a comeback or it is better off being broken down into pieces and sold off to other firms?