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Rally Continues – Another Trendline BreakOut

The major averages booked solid gains yesterday.

The Nasdaq 100 hit a 15-year high.

The Russell 2000 small-cap index closed up +2.1%.

Locally, we had a solid breakout yesterday in TDG.

Shares blasted above the downward trendline with a +59% increase in volume.

ZTS also broke out, yet volume lacked conviction as it was below average.

We had four TrendLine BreakOuts last week.

Two, so far this week.

I am adding three more of these Trendline SetUps, as we are calling them, in this morning’s report.

See the section below – “TrendLine Set Ups for Tuesday”

I will continue screening for potential LONGS or SHORTS as I do several times a day.

As I have continuously said - “If I feel real good about getting into anything, I will let you know via email.”

Any questions or concerns, please reply to this email me as I would be glad to assist you.