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Microsoft Corporation Stock On Course To Breach $65

  • The longer term chart suggests that Microsoft will potentially hit 65 dollars.
  • The ABCD wave pattern shows the move to be symmetric.
  • As long as no abnormalities hit the overall market, the target should be valid.


From a fundamental perspective, there are many ways to get a target price. Without looking at a chart, there is no way to know the tendency of getting there. There is no way around it, you gotta look at the charts.

While many analysts seem content at setting a target near the all-time high of around 60 dollars, I am ignoring that. Microsoft Corporation (NSDQ:MSFT) stock will break through that target, and when it does, it will be violent.

Remember the SPX? Remember how no one thought we would break-through that 2120 level? What these analysts fail to observe is that the more times a level fails, the more powerful the break from it. You can only hold a level...