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Tesla: Now Is The Time

One of the biggest battleground stocks in our market today is electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors (TSLA). The company is still in the early stages of its growth, but trades like it is an established player in the space. This week, the company will announce its 2014 final results, and give guidance for 2015. The stock is well off its all-time highs, but a good report could send this stock much closer to those levels. In this article, I detail why that feat may not be that hard to achieve.

Estimates Head Lower

When Tesla announced its third quarter results, the company detailed that Q4 would be negatively impacted by a production shutdown. The company expected to deliver about 2,000 less vehicles than previously hoped, and also announced it expected to lease more than 3,000 cars during Q4. The company stated that due to the lack of deliveries, vehicles… Read More …