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Zacks' Bull Of The Day: Target

Although Target (TGT) has had an incredible rise to its current spot as the only real challenger to Wal-Mart (WMT), the company has seen a tumultuous run in the recent past. First, it was a severe data breach, which crushed consumer trust in the brand and then more recently, shuttering all stores in the company's Canada division.

Both events have definitely had an impact on the company's bottom line, but the future prospects for TGT are looking bright. Target appears well positioned to take advantage of the strong economic growth in the U.S., lower gas prices, and solid levels of consumer confidence.

TGT in Focus

Target is a Minnesota-based retailer, which has close to 2,000 stores across the United States. The company is the second largest discount retailer in the U.S. and it has done a great job in appealing to younger consumers, a task that giant Wal-Mart is increasingly… Read More …