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Blockchain Pioneer Entering The Music Industry

At the height of the tech bubble, adding an 'e-' prefix or '.com’ suffix drove the valuations of companies to unthinkable heights. But now it may be blockchain or bitcoin, which will start to see the next “rally of the bulls”. Blockchain is the worldwide leading platform for digital assets. As the popularity for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to increase, blockchain pioneers are looking for the next big opportunity.

As of late, we have seen companies try to use blockchain to disrupt a variety of industries ranging from the music industry to the legal marijuana industry. Vezt, Inc, for example, is a company using blockchain to let music fans share ownership with artists in their music.

Vezt uses blockchain technology to track and collect royalty income with full transparency. The platform gives artists and rights holders control over their new and existing songs and allows them to capitalize on their work by auctioning off parts of their songs to fans, friends, brands and rights-buyers.

Vezt has compiled a team of blockchain pioneers to help orchestrate the company’s management team and advisory board. One advisor that stands out from the rest is co-founder of the popular Ethereum currency, Steven Neravoff.

Steven Nerayoff, Esq. LL.M. is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and attorney. He has founded six companies with 20 patents, including, the third largest peer-to-peer marketplace on the Internet, as well as contributing to Ethereum from its earliest days, Mr. Nerayoff was responsible for creating the initial legal framework and co-drafted the crowdsale model. He currently serves as the CEO and founder of Maple Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses strongly on blockchain technology.

Having someone on board Vezt with the experience of Mr. Nerayoff is a huge advantage for the company’s long –term growth potential. Not only has Vezt surrounded itself with a team of experienced blockchain professionals, it has also aligned itself with companies like Digital Arts Media Network (DATI) and their Angels + program.

As Vezt prepares for its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which is set for Friday November 3rd, 2017, investors await anxiously to see how blockchain can disrupt the music industry. The Angels+ Platform from Digital Arts Media Network (DATI) will be on full display to show the markets exactly how this company will be able to build, support, and help businesses progress.

Angels+ is a capital formation program that gives startups like Vezt the opportunity to provide angel and early stage investors with early liquidity options. In return, startups give a small piece of equity to Digital Arts Media Network for giving liquidity to the company’s early-stage investors.  This has been a model that many private companies employ but until now, there have been few public companies that investors could gain exposure to. 

Previous to the latest venture with Vezt, Digital Arts Media purchased an equity stake in Cannabis crowd funding company, Fundanna. According to the company, is an S.E.C regulated FINRA member cannabis focused, crowdfunding portal, where accredited and non-accredited investors alike, are afforded the opportunity to invest in cannabis businesses.

With the successes of companies like Fundanna and Vezt, so too come the successes for Digital Arts Media Network (DATI) and with two projects in two of the market’s hottest sectors, investors who are looking for a pure play on growth could find DATI to become the key especially during its early stages.