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“I have been in trading business for 8 years. I have to admit that my starting point as a trader was pretty bad as I did all the beginner mistakes one can possibly do and received several margin calls on prior accounts. Then I read about Elliotwave methology and it piques my curiosity, so I decided to try several different service provider at the beginning. Unfortunately I was disappointed as these service didn’t provide me any good market insight and I still continually failed. I kept searching for something better until I came up with EWF. In fact, I was ready to quit from trading if it didn’t work out. EWF really transformed my mindset as a failed retail trader to a professional one. They turned me from one of the 95% people losing money, to the 5 % traders who make profits consistently each month. EWF provides a clear well tested method with strict rules, and if you follow it to the letter, it can make you become a successful trader in no time. EWF is not a cheap useless signal service but you can learn how the market works and how to correlate different trading instrument for a more accurate forecast. Last but not least, I need to admit that being almost in every live session every day made me produce profits even easier. In conclusion, this service in my opinion is the best among all available ones in the market and I would recommend it without second thought to anyone who wants to transform himself into a professional and profitable trader and also to traders whose target is to work in a hedge...