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Novembers $10,000 Challenge Winners -

FXCM and DailyFX are happy to announce the November winners for our $10,000 Monthly Challenge. Eddie R. took first prize with an astounding 535% return for the month. This month’s first place finish was followed by Michael S. (269%), Hu Z.(217%), Jerome O. (212%) and Lianchun L. (206%). These traders competed all month and topped a field of tens of thousands of participants to become our new Monthly Challenge winners. Congratulations to all our winners and participants for the month of November!

November’s trading contest was one of the most exciting to date, as we saw a variety of trading philosophies and strategies put to the test. To catch up on the action, I was able to interview our 4th place winner Jerome O. Jerome is a self-described trend trader who has been actively trading markets for 8 years. He currently trades part-time as he is also studying to become a hospital administrator. So how did Jerome become one of our contests top traders for November? The answer for him was an easy one. His trading success begins with following the trend. Let’s take a closer look at his trading to learn more.

Jerome made it clear that first and foremost he is a trend trader. Before placing orders, he always tracks the market’s direction. He accomplishes this through using a series of technical tools--namely price analysis and moving averages, coupled with following the analysis on Specifically, in November, Jerome used these trend filters to set his sights on the ongoing EUR/USD downtrend. This proved to be fruitful as the pair declined as much as 496 pips for the month!

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Once the trend was found, Jerome would then use the MACD oscillator to...