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Buffett: I can help but I can't donate !

Warren Buffett likes to be involved in the nation's political debate and giving away his money but don't like to give away millions of dollars to his favourite candidate and be a Democartic version of Koch Brothers

Buffett strongly support Hillary Clinton's expected run for the white house and has given $25000 expecting her to win.

"I support her, but I would not write a huge check," Buffett. He plans to help raise funds for Hillary's campaign but doesn't support the huge donations and giving away money that campaign law allow.

"I just don't believe that the elections should be decided by the super-rich," he said. Being a billionaire, he has said, shouldn't mean he can "outshout everybody else."

"Obviously it's very tempting to take a very big check from somebody who has a special interest. But it's counter to our ideas of democracy to allow unlimited campaign contributions."