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Hot Stocks Traders Alert: Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)

Hot Stocks Traders Alert: Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)

On Wednesday, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s shares inclined 2.08% to $27.73.

Recently Bloomberg declared it has signed a long-term data agreement with Twitter that will further enhance financially relevant information found on the social media platform for users of the Bloomberg Professional service.

Bloomberg’s social media offering has continued to grow since the company became the first financial information platform to integrate tweets in April 2013, the same week the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission declared that companies could use social media posts to disclose material information.

The Bloomberg Professional service incorporates financially-relevant news from Twitter for analysis, charting and sharing via Bloomberg Instant Message and Bloomberg Links for desktop and mobile devices through the following features:

  • A live feed of tweets relevant to financial professionals via {TWTR} and all news searches via {NI} and {CN};
  • Real-time alerts on the day’s most important tweets curated by Bloomberg’s editorial staff via {NI TWEET};
  • Social velocity monitoring to alert customers on spikes in Twitter activity about a company via {BSVM}, with more tools coming for commodities, foreign exchange, topics and regions;
  • Sentiment analytics for tweets about a company; and,
  • Curation and translation of non-English tweets.

Twitter, Inc. operates as a global platform for public self-expression and conversation in real time. It offers various products and services for users, counting Twitter that allows users to create, distribute, and discover content; and Vine and video, a mobile application that enables users to create and distribute short looping videos.