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$ How learning to use Microsoft Excel can actually make you RICHER!

Hey guys, it's Mitch here. 

I'm glad to see all the discussion going on in my community these past few months. It's great to see so many likeminded people gathering together on this forum to discuss ways to plan for retirement and seek help in the area of financial wellbeing. Today's topic is going to be on the more practical side, and I'm going to discuss one of the most powerful tool that you MUST learn if you want to improve your employability.

With business trends constantly changing over the decades, it's important to stay on the latest trends if you want to stay employable. I have researched hundreds of job descriptions in order to bring you this well researched blog post.

One of the biggest tools out there today is called Microsoft Excel, and is used by many companies worldwide. In fact, it's one of the most searched keywords by recruiters who are looking to hire new employees. So what are some uses for Microsoft excel and how can learning it help you land your next job?

For one thing, businesses use excel to keep track of employee schedules, so if you're a manager, you'll most likely be using this tool a lot.

What if you're an accountant? Many small businesses do not utilize giant databases and simply use a spreadsheet like excel to keep track of payroll and other deliverables.

And when it comes to maintaining customer information? Excel is a great way to keep notes about certain customers. Does Sally or Bob dislike being called after 5pm? This note can be noted in the excel document which keeps track of their data. What about Billy? Does he tend to show up late to work? These notes can be noted in excel sheets so that others in the company can be aware of which customers or employees are reliable and which are not.

Finally, one of the best uses of excel is to maintain information related to taxes. Every business must file taxes quarterly at a minimum, so it is important that they have information readily available in case the IRS comes after the business.

What are some other uses of Excel you can think of that businesses find useful?