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The Chinese Bank That Humiliated Barack Obama Is Hiring

With the hunt for members having — to the absolute horror of Washington and to the pleasant surprise of Beijing —  just wrapped up to enormous success, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (also known by its other name, “The Yuan Hegemony Establishment And Implementation Fund”) is now hunting for some something else: employees. As China Daily reports, the AIIB’s Multilateral Interim Secretariat, which is headed by Jin Liqun who has held positions at both the World Bank and at the AIIB rival that no one wants to admit is a rival, the ADB, convened a closed-door workshop last month attended by officials from the very same multilateral financial institutions that the new venture will likely supplant

The two-day workshop discussed the global financial and banking environment and the social framework of multilateral banks, governing structures and procurement policies.Similar topics were discussed at a meeting of delegates in Almaty, Kazakhstan, at the end of March.


The meetings drew officials from major multilateral financial organizations, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Executives with working experience in international institutions are just what the AIIB is looking for as it seeks to develop standards relating to transparency and lending.


Matthew Dalzell, previously a special adviser to New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade who later worked for the World Bank, is now the senior operational expert in the Interim Secretariat, according to his page on LinkedIn, the online business connection website.


Two other foreigners posted information about their roles: one on communications andteam coordination, the other on human resources?though their information could not beindependently verified.

In a nod to the somewhat farcical concerns Washington and Tokyo supposedly harbor about the bank’s “standards” (because the US government has a sterling record when it comes to making sure poor underwriting standards don’t end up wreaking hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage on the world economy, just ask Fannie and Freddie) the AIIB is looking for candidates with “practical experience in areas such as environmental protection, public procurement, law and loan approval.” 

They’re also looking for people who are “fluent in English” and in an effort to show how intent Beijing is on making the institution truly “multilateral,” only half of the staff will come from China’s Finance Ministry:

The AIIB will launch a formal recruitment program for global elites in the fall, the 21st Century Business Herald reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Top talent is required for the bank to achieve a high standard of performance, experts said…


Behind the intensive preparations and talent hunt, a key figure is Jin Liqun, the Interim Secretariat's chairman. He is a former vice-minister of finance and served at both the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. He is unknown to many, but acquaintances speak highly of him.


"He is an experienced, savvy guy," said Nicholas Lardy, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. "He's hiring an able staff of about 40 people, half from China's Finance Ministry, half recruited internationally."

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So there you have it. For anyone out there who is looking to abandon ship at the ineffective, Old World Order, US-dominated multilateral institutions for an exciting career at the fund which ushers in a new era of greater Chinese influence and geopolitical clout, you now know who to call. It will be interesting to see if ADB, World Bank, and IMF officials defect as quickly from the party line as did prospective member countries last month. 

Of course if this opportunity isn't for you, there's always this: