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Elderly Americans' Confidence Collapses To 11-Month Lows (As Middle-Aged Hope Surges)

Amid the turmoil of the markets, it appears that older Americans (those over 65 years old) are the most negatively affected as their "comfort" has collapsed to 11-month lows. Oddly, perhaps thanks to lower gas prices or simple Schdenfreude for not being as neck-deep invested in stocks as the older-generations, middle-aged Americans (from 35-44) have seen a resurgence in confidence (now at 4-month highs).



Will a fed rate hike provide just the additional 25bps on interest income that the retired (or not so retired) needs? Or will it finally crush that generation's dreams of retirement on the beach (as pitched by every wealthg manager ever) as they finally give up on the ponzi 'wealth creator' that is the US stock market?


Charts: Bloomberg