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Reality vs Illusions: The case for $SPX short bias

As Humans, we tend to form a worldview about everything. For generations, many great individuals have fought wars and lost lives because they have a firm belief in a particular worldview. The same thing can be applied in trading. In the world of trading, we too tend to have particular view about the direction of the market. However, as traders, in reality we need to listen to the market instead of imposing our own market view. It’s common for traders to have strong belief about the market and then fall in love with a position. Worse, we stop reading what the market is saying and what the patterns are showing. When the market is telling us something, it must be heard or else we end up losing money. A professional trader needs to have a series of guideline to understand and listen to the market.

Those guidelines include Elliott Wave Principle’s rules and sound money management. Reality is the key to success as a professional trader, not illusions. Follow reality and Elliottwave rules and your trading skills will improve. These guidelines should help traders to form the discipline in knowing when the market is trying to say something. Traders should not impose their own market view and what market must do. Market will never bend to trader’s point of view. Traders should be the one who listen to the market instead.

Life itself can also teach us one or two...