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What To Expect From Sandstorm Gold's Q4 Earnings

Sandstorm Gold (SAND) is expected to announce its fourth quarter results in February. One nice part of being a Sandstorm shareholder is the fact that its quarterly earnings are easy to figure out weeks in advance, as Sandstorm's mining partners have already released quarterly production results and you can plug in the numbers to come up with an estimate of earnings.

I'm expecting an overall solid fourth quarter and end to the year for Sandstorm Gold, but I think 2015 could be even stronger. Here's a recap of Sandstorm's partners production results for Q4 2014 and how it will effect Sandstorm's earnings.

Mine Q4 Production (ounces) Attributable to SAND Cash Flow (Million)
Aurizona 20,758 3,528 $2.89
Bachelor Lake 8,332 1,666 $1.2
Black Fox 20,300 1,624 $1.16
Santa Elena 8,983 1,796 $1.57
Ming N/A 1,200 $1.47
Royalties N/A 3,100 $3.79

Total Estimated Ounces Attributable to Sandstorm: 12,914

Estimated Cash Flow: $12.08… Read More …