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Following Up on Chipotle (CMG)

Last time we looked at Chipotle (CMG), it was in a bearish swing. This swing has not stopped, but is approaching where we anticipate for support, around 394. But I think even if CMG does find support here around 394, the upside might be limited because the mode might have shfited back to the bearish trend.

Chipotle (CMG) Daily Chart

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Support Area:
- We talked about the specific support pivot around 394 last time.
- But we should really treat the 386-394 area as one of key support.
- However, upside should be limited in case the market has revived its prevailing bearish trend.
- If price bounces up from the above-mentioned support area, we should limit the bullish target first to around 420. 
- Above that, the most aggressive upside should be limited to the 435-440 area, which involves key resistance factors. 
- Meanwhile, we should not expect the RSI to turn back up to 70. Instead, if the market has indeed turned bearish, the RSI should turn down when it gets into the 50-60 area. 
Trade Idea:
- For a buy, we should really wait until price settles in the 386-394 area. It would be ideal if we see a bullish divergence.
- Otherwise, we can wait for price to climb back up to 435-440 area and fade the rally back into the downtrend. This second idea potentially has a better reward to risk profile, but more important is inline with the bearish 2015-2016 trend.