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Microsoft teams with British Fashion Designer On A Pair Of Pants That Will Charge Your Phone

Microsoft has teamed with British fashion designer Adrien Sauvage to create the world's first wireless mobile charging trousers. Six months ago Sauvage first started experimenting with wearable technology. Sauvage said, "My phone is always dying so I was super interested in the idea." The pants will be unveiled today as part of the A. Sauvage spring/summer show in London. 
The "wearable chino" as Sauvage describes it, is fitted with a wireless charging plate from the Nokia DC-50, dismantled and reassembled within one of the front pockets of the pants. The only setback Sauvage wasn't able to over come with the engineering of the pants is, it isn't machine washable, there isn't a price listed for the pants yet, but Sauvage expects the price point to somewhere around $340.