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W.W. Grainger Just Filed Its Annual Report: EARNINGS PER SHARE T...

The Company’s unvested Restricted Stock Units and Directors' Deferred Stock Units that contain nonforfeitable rights to dividends meet the criteria of a participating security. Under the two-class method, earnings are allocated between common stock and participating securities. The presentation of basic and diluted earnings per share is required only for each class of common stock and not for participating securities. As s uch, the Company presents basic and diluted earnings per share for its one class of common stock.

The two-class method includes an earnings allocation formula that determines earnings per share for each class of common stock according to dividends declared and undistributed earnings for the period. The Company’s reported net earnings is reduced by the amount allocated to participating securities to arrive at the earnings allocated to common stock shareholders for purposes of calculating earnings per share.

The dilutive effect of participating securities is calculated...