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Digging For Dividends In Precious Metals

By Martin Hutchinson

Today, it can be difficult to find a precious metals stock that provides a reliable, worthwhile dividend.

And since gold and other precious metals don't pay dividends directly, income investors are hard-pressed to attain a good position in these resources.

Thus, we need to pay particular attention to those precious metals stocks that do have meaningful dividends, and take advantage of them. With that in mind, I went digging for opportunities…

The Fallout From an Epic Run-Up

At one point, precious metals mining stocks were excellent plays for income investors. An individual mine, once constructed, settled into a predictable income stream that offered investors steady dividends and an upside on precious metals prices.

Of course, when the mine ran out of gold, the income stream ceased. That made such plays suitable for only part of the portfolio… but with inflation an ever-present danger, they were still a… Read More …