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CIA Humor - Mocking Transparency, "Conspiracy Theories"

Earlier today, the CIA celebrated its

. As part of its festivities it released five "reasons why you should follow the CIA" among which two stood out:

5: The comments. Some of our followers have the most entertaining conspiracy theories on the internet.

— CIA (@CIA)


4: In our second year we are going to ?????? #???

— CIA (@CIA)

And there you have it: in a nation in which a "conspiracy theory", namely that the NSA was secretly spying on every single US citizen, and where the entire spy apparatus is undergoing a massive overhaul as a result of the "theory" becoming "fact" due to the impenetrable secrecy surrounding every decision of an administration whose biggest accomplishment will be passing a law that nobody has seen, the very subject of public transparency is now being ridiculed by the government itself.

As expected, Edward Snowden's lesson was lost on, well, everyone.