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Entry into a Material Definitive


), each of SEP Holdings III, LLC (


), SN Marquis LLC (

SN Marquis

), SN Cotulla Assets, LLC (

SN Cotulla

), SN Operating, LLC (

SN Operating

), SN TMS, LLC (


), and SN Catarina, LLC (

SN Catarina

and together with SEP, SN Marquis, SN Cotulla, SN Operating and SN TMS, collectively, the


and the Guarantors and the Company, collectively, the

Loan Parties

), Royal Bank of Canada, as administrative agent (the

Administrative Agent

), and the lenders party thereto entered into a fifth amendment (the


) to the Second Amended and Restated Credit Agreement, dated as of June30, 2014, by and among the Company, the Guarantors, the Administrative Agent and the other agents and lenders party thereto (as amended, the

Credit Agreement

The Amendment, among other things, (1)amended the Credit Agreement and its exhibits and schedules to (a)update certain disclosures to be effective as of the date of the Amendment, including (i)the organizational chart and subsidiary list in the schedules to the Credit Agreement to reflect the disposition of Catarina Midstream, LLC and (ii)the lists of marketing contracts and swap agreements in the schedules to the Credit Agreement; (b)modify certain representations and the form of compliance certificate under the Credit Agreement to reference updated disclosures provided to the Administrative Agent pursuant to the terms of the Credit Agreement; (c)modify certain covenants to expressly (i)not require the Company to deliver fourth quarter financial statements prior to the delivery of annual financial statements, (ii)not require that certain insurance policies of the Loan Parties contain certain endorsements or loss payable provisions and (iii)permit the Loan Parties to enter into certain leases; (d)permit the Loan Parties to deliver certain financial statements and related documents required under the Credit Agreement electronically and provide that, except in the case of compliance certificates or for other deliveries to the Administrative Agent or a lender that requests physical delivery, any such statements...