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Disappointed I Didn't Buy Disney Before Earnings

Disney (NYSE:DIS) is like a movie that is just jam packed with a lot of excitement, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout your entire holding period. The last time I purchased shares in the company was right before the ex-dividend date, but I always say that one must stay prudent and do some homework on the names in their portfolio. With the last article I wrote about the company, I stated, "After doing this analysis I'd like to believe that I can continue to get Disney at a discount because it seems like the bottom is beginning to fall out of this market, I'm going to continue to hold onto my shares and look for a better entry point." The market has moved up to the tune of 1.96% since the last article was published and Disney has moved up 6.96%. I still believe the market is going to grind downwards for now, but Disney might not, and with that said I'm going to take a look at the stock right now and see what has happened…