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Mentor Mike's Trades for Friday, 6/6/14, and Reminder re: Tomorrow's Webinar

Fellow Traders:

This morning presented a once-a-month opportunity, the Unemployment Rate report.  Last month, the better than expected results caused the premarket ES to rocket upward so fast, I earned my Grand-A-Day goal in literally the blink of an eye.  Today, the pundits had predicted a 0.1% rise, but the actual simply matched the previous month.  Accordingly, the market still rallied but with more moderate enthusiasm. 

You know I’m not big on fundamentals, so besides the pundits’ prediction, I had a technical reason for taking a chance on a bullish response to the report.  My ending Elliott Wave count on yesterday’s day-only chart suggested that today’s open would be bullish, possibly even a gap up.  And immediately prior to the report, the premarket price was just two ticks above yesterday’s day session close.  The odds favored a bullish response.  I took the shot and was rewarded with two targets and a net of $446 in under half an hour of exposure. 

After a total of three trades and three hours in the market, I earned my GADGET* membership (Mentor Mike’s Grand-A-Day Group of Emini Traders).  Specifically, today’s net was $1,375.50 – enough to push my average for this first trading week of June to over $1,000 per day.  So, I’m knocking off early to polish up tomorrow’s presentation.

Speaking of which, as a last reminder, here is the promo for my webinar tomorrow:


Pacific Trading Academy presents

Mentor Mike Bridges’ DAY TRADING 101,

How to make a living in the markets – Part 1

Saturday, 6/7/14, 9:00 a.m. PDT

This presentation is the first of a two-part series designed to help Mike’s fellow traders find answers to the following questions:

•  What market(s) to watch and trade

•  What time frame(s) to watch and trade

•  How to consistently predict market movement

•  How to maximize your win percentage

•  How to substitute mathematics for emotions

•  How to systematically grow your account from beginner to Mentor Mike’s GADGET level

Seats will be limited so mark your calendars and register NOW at this link:


Enjoy your weekend.  See you all back in the TRADING ROOM on Tuesday.

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