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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: The Compounding Of Errors With Needless Complexity

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's (NASDAQ: [[RMCF]]) management is asking for increased shareholder trust in the operations of TWO distinct franchising businesses as it seeks to adopt a Delaware Holding Company structure. Management is asking for too much reporting latitude when it has already failed to properly handle the financial reporting of not one but TWO publicly traded SEC regulated entities. These errors, and management's muted disclosure about them, speak volumes as to the lack of attention to detail by the company's Board of Directors ("BOD") and senior management, and the ultimate disregard for independent shareholders. Milwaukee Private Wealth Management Inc., a long only investment research and advisory firm, once held a sizeable position in RMCF, but recently divested its holdings due to ongoing concerns and management's tone-deaf response to those concerns. As a result, MPWMI believes shareholders are best served by rejecting the current proxy proposals allowing RMCF toRead More …