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Pardon My Political Dynamite, But-


I know that this is a hot subject, but I'm curious what people like Moses and Preston and all of the bloggers and members here feel about all of this. Of course we are all aware of the fact that Jordan just executed by hanging the female Iraqi suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi instantly, once they found out that the ISIS-held Jordanian pilot was executed by savagely burning him while he was locked in a cage.

Just awful, I mean really horrible. But we may have turned a little bit of a corner here maybe? I wonder what ISIS' original plan was? They said they wanted Sajida returned to them and were willing to exchange the Jordanian pilot for her if she was returned. Jordan to mild surprise agreed. All they wanted before they set Sajida free was some proof that the pilot was still alive.

For some reason I don't get ISIS wouldn't provide that proof and the whola affair fell to pieces. ISIS "responded" by viciously burning the pilot alive. About as vicious as stuff comes.

My theory is that ISIS never planned to return the pilot. They wanted to try and get the bomber's release without letting the pilot go. They were filled with too much rage and were itching to kill him as savagely as they could. These people are crazy maniacs. They're filled with the rage of not having battlefield access to sophisticated enemies who hit with terrible damage on their army from a distance. So they cherish any opportunity to strike back.

Anyhow my point is that Western Christian nations angry at ISIS, nothing pleases them more. Our disgust and revulsion only eggs them on more. They want to be seen as the devil by us. But now they have crossed a Muslim nation neighboring Iraq, and nauseated them beyond measure. This is exaclty what we needed.

I found this heated exchange on Yahoo news:

me 3 hours ago 0 37

Terrorists are a new generation of, looter, marauder, pillager, plunderer, raider, robber; privateer. They are the village idiots of the world because they cannot live a lucrative life style by being a member of a civilized society. Keep in mind, calling any part of this part of the middle east and Africa civilized in the first place is a serious stretch of the immigration. Most, have no education and nothing in life to loose, so life means nothing to them. The leaders are smart enough to take advantage of the weak minded and put just enough religious motivational inspiration into their minds that justifies the pillaging of towns. The rewards of a meal and legalized rape over those minimally more affluent, is portrayed by the leaders as ridding the world of non-believers so that the dimwit followers can somehow construe that God would approve and reward them with 70+ virgins at the pearly gates, which brings up another point about portions of this part of the world and it's religious beliefs. They make their women wear black sacks over their entire body as showing any skin is sinful and obviously much to sexually provocative. God would not want women to be portrayed in that manner,......but God is promising them all kinds of sex in heaven. What a religion!

Big Wave 1 hour ago 0 0

An interesting and (probably) accurate take on the region's problems...and the source.

George 1 hour ago 4 0

Perhaps what you say is true, but please be careful insulting someone else's education, when your grammar and spelling is not "educated" in the first place.

Carlo 33 minutes ago 1 1

They would make great Democrats!

me 15 minutes ago 0 0

George,..... thanks for your input. I spent too much valuable time ranting on a subject, and not enough checking to make sure my grammar is correct. I could have, and should have checked it more closely, but I have other things to do with my life. Seems as though you find it more important to take issue with my grammar. FYI,... as it stands I have received 24 thumbs up and none down. You have received none up and one down. Seems like you need to find better things to do with your life than worrying about my grammar. Let me also assure you that my use of grammar, ( when I pay more attention to it than posting on line), and my education have provided my family extremely nice living conditions and early retirement as I held numerous managerial positions in an electronics company. How is your use of perfect grammar working out for you? George,..... I did not check my grammar again, but maybe ( but not likely ) you get the point anyway. I posted my point of view on an issue of major importance in the world. Many others agreed with my opinion. You evidently believe that fixing my grammar, is going to make the world a better place. You need to get over yourself. Enjoy yourself. Have a good time fixing my grammar again.