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Reviews:Charges everything in the house with Easyacc 5-port wall charger

The EasyAcc 5 port usb charger is one of must have gadgets if you have more smart devices. The charger allows you to charge your tablet, iPod, bluetooth speakers, and mobile devices. The usb has 5 ports:

2 ports (IPad) - 2.1 amps
1 port (Samsung Tab)- 1.3 amps
2 ports (IPhone & Android) - 1 amps
Although each port has device name listed but you can plug any device in any port. For example my HTC One can charge at 2.1 amps so I can plug that in Ipad port. The maximum output for the charger is 5A. So basically you can charge devices based on that. The charger protects your devices from over-voltage and short circuit. Usually some chargers get really hot but this one didn’t.
It comes with 12 month warranty, just in case anything happens. This covers you!
Overall, the quality of the charger is very good. Its nicely designed and well build. The charger is about 6.4 ounces, so it is easy to carry one charger for all your devices. I feel this is a must carry charger if you are travelling. You no more have to search for different outlet at your home/office to charge all your devices. The power cord for the charger is 1.5ft long. This makes it easier to move the usb charger a little in case you need to put the charger at a place which is slightly away from the power outlet. I will highly recommend people to buy this product.