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Seven Charts On The State of The American Labor Market

The American labor market created 142K jobs in September. Weaker than the 200K the market expected, although an improvement from the downwardly-revised 136K in August.

No one generally remembers more than 7 things at once, so here's a summary the American labor market in 7 charts.

Labor Market - #1 Monthly Job Growth

First, on a positive note, monthly job growth at +142K broke the four month streak of continued job growth deceleration.

The monthly job growth picture peaked in April 2015 at 260K. Since then, job growth weakened until September, when job growth gingerly reaccelerated from the 136K of August.

It's weak, but not too weak. Yet.

#2 Year-over-year Job Growth

Second, on a year-over-year basis, the jobs picture looks a little better, with growth at 1.97%. This beats population growth of 1.5%.

Concerning, though, is the decelerating trend in growth that began in February 2015.

It's fairly easy to argue that the American labor market is neither too hot, nor too cold.

Of course, labor markets move in bursts and busts, not continuous growth.

#3 Labor...