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Maxine Waters Says Trump's A Nihilist: "He Believes In Nothing, He Cares About Nothing"

Earlier this morning, the always entertaining, if somewhat frightening, Maxine Waters appeared on New York's "Power 105.1" Hip-Hop radio station to discuss everything from why 2Pac is her favorite rapper to "why Trump is the worst president ever."  This is the actual topic list posted by Power 105.1's staff...notice a theme? 

- Why social media has changed politics

- Her rising popularity from social media

- Difficulties for minorities to get loans for housing

- Getting rid of Trump

- Banking black, and why black people don’t trust each other in business

- Why 2Pac is her favorite rapper

- Why she doesn't believe in censorship and why rappers shouldn’t be censored

- Health Care-Obamacare

- Will Donald Trump be impeached?

- Trump telling police not to be so nice

- Who do you think will run for 2020

- Gun Laws

- Why Trump is the worst president ever

- How black people can reclaim their time

We wonder whether the Power 105.1 team leans to the left or right on the political spectrum?

Not surprisingly, Waters didn't disappoint in her efforts to trash Trump saying, among other things, that he's the "worst [President] I've ever experienced" just before once again calling for his impeachment.  That said, Waters at least managed to freshen up her line of attacks by seemingly drawing inspiration from The Big Lebowski's infamous "nihilist" scene saying that "he believes in nothing."

"The worst I've ever seen, the worst I've ever experienced, yes I do."


"I really do, because I think he believes in nothing. I think that he cares about nothing. I think that he's capable of doing outrageous things."


"Even with presidents that you could accuse of racism, etc., this president is the worst that I've ever seen, yes."

And here is the full interview.  While the full 37 minute interview is full of Trump bashing, you can forward to the

for Maxine's response to whether he "is the worst president ever.)"


All of which conjures memories of one of our favorite Big Lebowski scenes.  Enjoy...