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Hologic (HOLX) Presents at Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Brokers Conference (Transcript)

David Lewis - Morgan Stanley

Let’s go ahead and get started here. We’ve got some stragglers. My name is David Lewis, medical device analyst here at Morgan Stanley. It’s my pleasure to have with us the management team of Hologic, both CEO, Steve MacMillan as well as VP of IR, Mike Watts. Before I begin obviously please check out my research disclosure page in the Morgan Stanley website to see all my various research disclosures. So I guess…

Steve MacMillan - CEO

And the recent Hologic upgrade.

David Lewis - Morgan Stanley

That’s right. Thank you, Steve. Just keep on turning the knife. So, you are coming up your two year mark when December makes two years at the business, it’s fair to say I think that business momentum has been dramatically better than we expected, maybe even frankly you expected. The funniest thing about this is, this was the active story within activism, right. There never really was -- post your arrival, there wasn’t a dramatic amount of activism, just been a healthy better business and the business has turned much faster. So I guess what I want to spend time today is sort of where in this co-journey are we. I think what never investor...">More