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This Nikon 1 Camera From 1948 Is the Oldest Known Surviving Nikon

This Nikon 1 camera is the earliest known surviving Nikon in the world, and it’s being auctioned off. The camera brand began assembling cameras in March 1948 with the serial number 60922, and this particular piece is one of two cameras made that following April. It is the third of all Nikon production cameras, and features the original early Nikkor-H 2/5 cm no. 70811 with a matching Nikon cap. The camera is still in fantastic condition, and still boasts the original shutter and base plate with large “MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN” engraving. It also comes with its original case. The starting price is €90,000 EUR (approximately $100,000 USD) and the selling estimate is for €160,000-180,000 EUR (approximately $175,000 USD-$200,000 USD). Check out some other coveted items over on the auction site here.