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WWE And The Three Stooges


Both WWE and the Three Stooges share massive global appeal.

WWE Network controls its own destiny determining all content.

Over the Top gives WWE the global reach they could never have with just cable alone.

Facebook is an example of how profitable a company can be by monetizing a large base of users.

On December 26th, somebody published a post to the Yahoo! Finance Message Board entitled, WWE - A Global Monopoly on Brainless Entertainment. It read as follows:

That in itself should make WWE a worthy investment! Think of the billions of ignorant unwashed masses who have yet to discover idiot wrestling entertainment. It's like a tracker stock for global morons!

Then, big time, it hit me! I'm one of those morons. My definition of brainless entertainment is something you can watch without sound that appeals to our basic guttural instincts, including belly laughs and cave person (trying to be politically correct) grunts and groans. This type of mindless entertainment makes us forget the real world and what we must endure each and every day.

My appeal to brainless entertainment started in the late 1950's with my introduction to the Three Stooges. I even had the hand held puppets of Moe, Larry and Curly. One of the few collectibles I ever tossed. As a six-year old, I remember watching the Screen Gem Stooge shorts on our old GE circular picture television. On rainy days in junior high we would venture into the gymnasium to pass the time by watching the Stooges.

The similarities to World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE:WWE) and the Stooges are astonishing. Being a WWE wrestler and the stunts performed by the Stooges require great coordination and involve potential injury. Terms used by the WWE Universe can apply to the Stooges with Babyface being either Curly or Shemp and the Enforcer obviously Moe. Wrestling terms such as head drop, kick-out, sandbagging, beat down and cheap shot compare favorably to the Stooge terms of eye poke, slap on the head, hand biting, hair pulling, nose tugging and belly punching. And both WWE and the Stooges always had their heels. WWE wrestlers obviously have tremendous athletic skills to perform the many different stunts they do, but taking the pratfalls the Stooges took also involved skill...