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NBC Tries To Solve Its Thursday Night Dilemma With 'Blacklist' Led Drama Slate

NBC (a subsidiary of Comcast (CMCSA) (CMCSK)) has long tried to recapture the success it previously had on Thursday nights.

For most of the 90's and into around 2003 it was a tried and true formula of "two hours of comedies and an hour of drama." That began to change in 2004 when The Apprentice was added into the mix to create a night of comedy, drama AND reality. While NBC Thursdays have tried all sorts of combinations since, nothing has worked.

Now NBC is trying something it's rarely done and is going 100% drama.

It's a gusty risk that investors are going to know VERY quickly about if it works. The plan is to air the limited run drama The Slap at 8, followed by the re-located The Blacklist at 9 and then ending the night with new drama Allegiance at 10. The thinking is that by moving BlacklistRead More …