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“The Kochs’ War on Poverty,” if by poverty you actually mean the poor

“Free turkeys, holiday parties, classes in ‘dinner on a dime,’ with a side dish of conservative proselytizing.”

I suppose if there were no  poor, there would be no poor. There would also be substantial drops in net earnings. They’ve successfully fended off their own poverty for decades.

“The outreach includes everything from turkey giveaways, GED training and English-language instruction for Hispanic immigrants to community holiday meals and healthy living classes for predominantly African American groups to vocational training and coupon-ing classes for the under-employed. “

So they offer couponing and cooking classes and free food to make up for the non-living wages these people get paid because the Kochs have actively fought any attempt to raise the minimum wage, GED and English language  classes to make up for the school budgets that have been slashed to the bone thanks to the business and property tax cuts they keep getting passed in every and vo-tech because state budget cuts in states that follow their supply side gospel  has resulted in cost shifting that has put  college out of reach for the lower middle class?  And all you have to do to receive all these benefits is sit through lectures and what and wonderful people they are? Is this like Charles Koch’s efforts for “criminal justice reform”? It turned out to be mainly for lobbying to reduce restrictions on white collar crimes.