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Action Plan – Biotech Megathread For Tuesday August 2

Biotech is hot again, thanks to Biogen/Ions. As such, value stock members get alerted when these biotech articles are posted:

  • 1.Argos Therapeutics (ARGS)
  • 2.Kerx Pharma (KERX)
  • 3.Regulus Therapeutics (RGLS)
  • 4.Paratek (PRTK)

AMD’s losing steam, but on the mobile market, BlackBerry is bouncing from $5.95 - $7 and making a run for $8. As such, “BlackBerry: $30?” will be published here on Wednesday. Sign up to get the email alert. Note that your email address will never be shared outside of WhoTrades.

  • 5.HRTX is another biotech to watch. No articles here, this stock’s prospects are poor.
  • 6.Ditto for MSTX. Pump and dump.
  • 7.ADHD is on watch. Company reports this week.

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