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Singapore Airlines Ending Its Longest Direct Flight

As they always say, all good things must come to an end.  With that out of the way, the world's current longest direct flight which is from Singapore to Newark, NJ is ending its decade long service due to its unprofitable nature.  The final flight (Singapore Airlines Flight 21) touched down in Changi airport earlier Monday and that will be the last.  This straight through travel route covers over 9,500 miles in just 19 hours.  We must imagine how crazy the ticket prices are for this flight, well now we know.  They cost anywhere between $6,000 and $11,000 with all seats considered business class.

The airline announced its plan to switch 5 of its Airbus A340's for the A380 superjumbos.  This switch will allow the airline to be more fuel-efficient, that is for sure.  However, the obvious downside is that the planes will need to make stops in either Frankfurt or London, increasing the flying duration by 6 more hours.  Back in 2004, the price of jet fuel was around $48 and as of today, its sitting somewhere near $128.  With fuel prices almost tripling, it makes sense why the airline is seeking a more efficient/profitable way to travel.