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​Long positions for silver?
10 february 2015

Analysts have started talking about silver for hours on end. As a rule, I do not pay attention to such stuff. But this time I got interested in the fact that silver came under the spotlight. Fortunately, I have a graph at hand dated 1968. Unlike gold, the path of silver was not a bed of roses. No steady 50-year rising trends can be found here. While there is a rising trend of 2001, and the gauge has recently been over there. Meanwhile, it was dangerous to buy with such a prominent trend, given there was a falling trend of 2011. This falling trend has wavered, opening the way toward USD 22-23 target. If only we could guess where the safest stop loss is, it would be a nice long position. But so far, a stop loss is almost similar to the take profit order. This is no good.

But there is always a way out – to open a long position and put a stop loss like risk to capital or to wait for correction at least to USD 15.

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​Long positions for silver?

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