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Airline Swaps Weight for Size of Carry-on Bags

Traveling soon? Double check the regulations for carry on bags, or you could find yourself paying extra, a lot extra.

London-based airline, easyJet (PINX: ESYJY), recently changed the acceptable dimensions of passengers’ carry on bags to roughly that of a standard backpack. According to USA Today, the exact measurements are 20 x 16 x 8 inches.

Although there is a little space for wiggle room, if the flight is full, expect an attendant to grab your bag and stow it in the checked-baggage cabin for the remainder of the flight. The airline could still apply added fees once the plane has landed.

However, there is away to avoid these annoying fees when it comes to easyJet, if you pay up.

The customer could buy either an easyJet Plus membership or an “Up Front” seat, according to USA Today, respectively costing the traveller either $265 in yearly fees or $15.50 per passenger.

So, in the scheme of things, either the customer will bag extra to check a bag that is deemed by the airline as too large, or the passenger pays fees ahead of time in the form of premium packages. It’s essentially one or the other.

According to USA Today, the easyJet claims its baggage service is more than fair, with it being one of the only airlines that does not have a weight limit. However, its dimension limits seem absurd, creating a tit for tat war, with size on one hang, and heaviness on the other.

Unless the passenger is a very frequent traveller via this airline, the annual service is a waste. Attempting to pack everything you need into one small bag and crossing your fingers that it fits seems more of a hassle than a convenient way to travel. 

The best advice is try to pack light and simply check the bag. You're going to end up paying those fees one way or another. 

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